About us

HellasGIs is a non-profit organization of scientists and institutions that use GIS technology to analyze issues of geographical nature. GIS applications vary, comprising among others, urban, environmental and regional design and management, geographical analysis of natural and socio-economic events and decision making.

Our aim

Our organization aims to support GIS community in Greece along with the promotion of their scientific and technological aspects and applications.

To this aim, our GIS society intends to:

  • Confer and co-operate with other relative institutions
  • Organize workshops, exhibitions, conferences, on national and international level, and to participate in relative events
  • Support, develop and promote scientific research
  • Establish and maintain of GIS documentation
  • Publishing of informational material on GIS
  • Award GIS research projects
  • Any other activity related with GIS systems and applications

Why should I participate?

  • Because I’m interested in geographic information and I want to co-operate with professionals and scientists of various fields.
  • I am able to share data, find assistance and address geographical problems.
  • Because spatial data infrastructure establishment and GIS data dissemination contributes to public benefit.